The Team

The OFT Staff

OFT has a staff of three instructors available to assist student pilots reach their goals.

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The proprietor of the business, Ken Pidcock, has recently retired from flight instructing due to a medical issue, but is available to assist with theory training and general administration work.

John McKenzie has taken on the task of Chief Flying Instructor (CFI), responsible for the standards of training of students and other instructors.

Senior Instructor (SI) Bryan Clements assists weekdays and weekends, slotting lessons between his accounting activities. The newest member of the team is Instructor (I) Diego Cavieres who lives in Sydney, but is happy to travel to Orange pretty often.

One of our former Senior Instructors, Gus Tobin, left the area to pursue his career in Melbourne. He is continuing his flying as an RA-Aus Instructor with Yarra Valley Aviation at Lillydale Airport, and working towards building a career as a commercial pilot. He has also completed his Command Instrument Rating and twin engine endorsement.

Our congratulations to Gus on his wedding in April 2016 to Alexandra Zylstra (see the Facebook feed), and we wish them both every happiness together.

All our current instructors are "home grown" - that is they all learned to fly and gained their Instructor Rating with OFT. This translates into a flexible, consistent standard of training. You can be sure that material and techniques are identical, and only the individual's personal instructing style will vary.