CFI John McKenzie

johnJohn is another of our Senior Instructors, and like Ken, didn't take up flying until a little later in life, although he's had a lifetime interest in aviation. He was appointed Chief Flying Instructor from 1st December 2014 when Ken stepped down from the role.

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He often flew commercially in and out of Orange, and watching the Jabirus taxiing around, he decided he should sample the joys of flying in a light plane. Living under our training area at Forest Reefs further cemented the idea, as he saw the Jabirus flying overhead and practising manoeuvres in the area. He started lessons early in 2007, and soon after gaining his Pilot Certificate, reckoned he'd like to go further and complete his instructor rating. He also gained his Private Pilot Licence along the way.

John's background is in Agriculture, and until April 2015, he worked part time in an agricultural pursuit.

He's also involved in Rotary, and until recently was a committee member of the Orange Aero Club.

You can email John at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.