Proprietor Ken Pidcock

ken nov14 smKen has been involved with the school (originally Orange Ultraflight Centre) since 2001, and was appointed Chief Flying Instructor in February 2003.

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Having learned to fly in 1988 in a Piper Warrior, Ken struggled to maintain and improve the basic skills balancing time, money, family and work commitments. However buying a Piper Colt in 1993 helped enormously to build those skills.

Over the years, he gained constant speed, retractable undercarriage and tailwheel endorsements, Night VFR and basic aerobatics ratings and flew a variety of different aircraft types, before switching to Recreational Aircraft (Ultralights) around the turn of the century.

The switch to Jabiru Aircraft has allowed much more flying for the available dollar!

A close association with Orange Aero Club introduced a lot of school kids to flying, some gaining their Pilot Certificate, and even going on to some promising careers in aviation. Three of them eventually completed their Instructor Rating, and one, Bryan Clements, still instructs with us today.

Whilst still flying, Ken has recently stepped down from the role of Chief Flying Instructor, and will no longer be flying with students. You can contact him on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.